Effective May 1, 2012

Minimum Advertized Price Policy for Authorized Resellers

Policy Overview

With no exception, distributors and resellers of SmallWorks products, must abide by SmallWorks policy of minimum advertised pricing at all times. MAP is equal to MSRP of any given product. MSRP can be found at the company’s web store at http://www.smallworks.com. It is the responsibility of the distributor or reseller to ensure that this policy is complied with. MAP extends but is not limited to online, print or in-store prices.

Online Sales

Resellers who choose to sell Smallworks products via their online store must have a legitimate online store that resolves to their own top-level domain name and not a “sub-store” of another company’s online marketplaces such as Amazon.com. 

For example:

amazon.com/shops/[storename] or any variant that resolves to a top-level domain name that is not owned by the reseller is not acceptable and will be considered non-compliant.

store.[companyname].com or some variation is acceptable as long as it is not a domain that forwarded to another company’s marketplace.

Companies that choose to sell online must also provide the following to the customer via their online store:

• Legal Company Name

• Physical Mailing Address

• Actively-staffed customer service phone number

• Actively-staffed customer service email address

Resellers must also ensure that shopping cart “bots” cannot crawl their online stores to find a lower price. “Add to cart to see our price” or other similar pricing gimmicks to avoid MAP are not acceptable and will be considered noncompliance.


In the event that a distributor or reseller is found to be in non-compliance with this MAP policy, they will be contacted by SmallWorks or their master distributor to inform them of the violation. The offending distributor or reseller has one (1) business day to adjust their MAP to adhere to this policy. Further non-compliance may result in action being taken which may include temporary suspension of the reselling of SmallWorks products and/or permanent termination of the ability to resell SmallWorks products.

Non-USD Pricing

All MSRP/MAP pricing is calculated in US Dollars. In the event that a reseller is selling SmallWorks products in another currency other that US Dollars, the reseller must ensure that the price advertised, when converted to USD, does not fall below SmallWorks MSRP. It is the responsibility for the reseller to track exchange rates and apply proper MAP policy.

For additional questions or concerns about SmallWorks MAP policy, please contact support@smallworks.com